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Dance Selecta's Presenter - DJ Dar-Cee

DJ Dar-Cee began DJ'ing in 1999 after spending years listening to DJ mixes, and admiring the skills, so he started to practise these techniques to get to a professional level.

His first break was in 2000, when he started DJ'ing in one of Northern Ireland's best nightclubs at that time - Nero's. Dar-Cee began DJ'ing in the second room, rocking the dance floor with the best dance tunes, and throwing in some classic Happy Hardcore! With his success with the crowd in the second room, he was then moved to the main room for many events, including foam parties!

DJ Dar-Cee moved to Scotland in 2001, where he became involved in the Scottish Dance scene, mostly with the Hardcore and Hard Dance club nights.

In 2003, DJ Dar-Cee's radio career started, and he has been frequently hosting radio shows (both on FM and online) right upto the present day.

June 2004 is when DJ Dar-Cee won the first Modified Vibes DJ Competition held at Traks nightclub Portrush, and he held this title for all of 2004 by winning the second Modified Vibes DJ Competition in August 2004 - holding the title over 2 competitions, which no other DJ was able to do!

Since 2004, things have gone really well for Dar-Cee, seeing him hold residencies with Back to the Future (Scotland), Rezerection (Scotland), Limited Edition (Scotland) and Club SAturn (Scotland) as well as playing guest DJ sets at events such as Judgement Day, Hardcore Temptation, Frantic Friday and Sensations to name a few.

The name DJ Dar-Cee has appeared on some of the biggest line-ups alongside DJs such as Kutski, Bass Generator, Steve Anderson, Mallorca Lee, Mikey B, Gleave Dobbin, Vibes, Joey Riot, Paddy Frazer, Technotrance, Madman, Da General and many more.

In November 2008, DJ Dar-Cee was presented with the Tom Wilson Award by Radio Forth for his contribution to the Scottish music scene. The award was created in memory of the late Tom Wilson, who done so much for the Scottish Dance music scene over the years.

Now once again resident in his homeland of Northern Ireland, DJ Dar-Cee can be found gigging around the country, and also hosting his very own weekly radio show - Dance Selecta.

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